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2018 Spartan Trifecta Schedule

I don't get to run as many races as I would like due to various other obligations and timing constraints, but when I do I try to make them count for something.  My Spartan Trifecta path is set for 2018 and I don't even need to travel very far to get all 3 pieces of the puzzle complete.  Starting with the most difficult first and having a successful outing there will give me positive momentum and supreme confidence moving forward for the rest of the year.  My last Spartan Beast was in 2014 at Killington, VT(this was also the last year I had a chance to complete a Trifecta) and I cant imagine it getting any tougher than that.  So physically and mentally I have been through it before, but I want to improve upon what I have accomplished in the past.  If anybody else is running in any of these races and needs training support contact me and lets get a program in place so you can be glorious and victorious in battle!!!


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