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Factor 11 Fitness, based out of Bergenfield, NJ provides client focused in home/on location personal training designed to help you achieve your fitness and performance goals!

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Find and Follow Your Motivation

This applies to both fitness and life in general.  The best way to achieve your goals is to find what it is that motivates you and let that be your source of energy and power to keep you always moving forward, even if on occasion that means going sideways .  Having a meaningful reason, whatever it may be, is the key to staying the course and continuing to pursue your goals and overcoming obstacles, especially the mental ones, which can be some of the most difficult you might encounter, but also the ones, once hurdled, that will propel you even farther.  Embrace your motivation and give your actions purpose and feed your desire to reach the finish line with as much strength and explosion as when you started and reap the rewards of your efforts!!!

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