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Why You Should Add Complexes to Your Training Regimen

There are many types of training techniques which one can use to get good results from their training, whether it be Isolation type of movements, Compounds, Plyometric, etc., but one of my personal favorites is Complexes. 

What is a Complex?  No…it’s not the attitude problem one of your friends has.  An exercise complex is when you string typically 2-3 exercises together into one cohesive movement pattern creating one single exercise in an effort to target multiple muscles at one time.  So why are complexes so awesome and why should you be adding them to your training regimen.

-Complexes are great because they can be performed with different pieces of equipment(Barbells, Dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, even bodyweight), which allows for variety and versatility, especially if you are using kettlebells or dumbbells because then you can perform your movements unilaterally(on one side at a time), which adds another layer of benefit.

-Complexes are an awesome way to target multiple muscle groups in one repetition.  In many cases agonist and antagonist muscle groups are worked together, where you might have a combination where you hit chest and back in one movement, or quads and hamstrings together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit muscle groups that are unrelated either…Your only limited by where your creativity ends.  My suggestion is to perform complexes where there can be a natural flow to the exercises that are connected because it mimics movement in a more functional manner, hence increasing functional strength and conditioning.

-Time under tension is a great way to stimulate muscle growth as well as increases in strength and muscular endurance and you get that in spades with Complexes.  Because you are stringing multiple movements together you are actually spending more time under the weight, which makes them more difficult than doing a single movement exercise.  It’s not the shear amount of weight but the amount of time with the weight that counts.  That being said there is no need to load up, you will want to use a weight where you can perform 5 reps of the complex for each set.  Trust me it will feel like you are lifting more weight than you are.

-Complexes inherently increase the intensity of your training.  This is directly related to the fact that you are training multiple muscle groups within one larger movement and because of that you are also spending more time under tension, which elevates the level of difficulty.  Here is the indirect benefit of this…the increase in training intensity also elevates your heart rate, which will improve your cardiovascular performance.  If your training doesn’t have some level of intensity, which is obviously relative to each person, then you are leaving gains on the table.  Training shouldn’t be comfortable and Complexes definitely up the ante in the intensity department.

- Adding complexes to your training regimen will increase your level of focus as well as mental and physical coordination.  Since complexes require combining different components together, more attention is required to complete every rep.  Initially as you take on this type of work it may feel slightly awkward as you are moving between the individual pieces but with each subsequent rep, set and training session you will begin to mentally connect the pieces quicker and your body will likewise respond allowing you to move seamlessly through the entire flow.  As a result you achieve better body awareness, balance and fluidity of movement in your everyday life, with or without weight.

-Don’t have long stretches of time available for your training sessions?  Most people don’t, and this is what makes complexes so great, they make gym time more efficient.  I’ve touched on these points above but it boils down to the following…with complexes you are hitting more muscle groups, getting more time under tension resulting in higher intensity with the added benefit of cardiovascular conditioning in less time.  As I always say, Get In…Get It Done…Get Out!

So if you are looking to maximize the results of your efforts in a multitude of ways then its time you add complexes to your training!  If you need some examples check the links below.




Medicine Ball


Maximize Your Time in the Gym and Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

Often, the most common thing you will hear people say when it comes to going to the gym is “I just don’t have enough time to get a good workout in”.  I’m here to tell you that you do and below are some basic principles you need to adhere to in order to maximize your time in the gym and get the most out of your workouts!

1. Have a Plan – Before you even get to the gym or your training space of choice you should already have a plan for your training session.  This is the best way to avoid languishing around looking lost and wondering what you should be doing.  If you don’t already have your workout laid out or at the very least an outline of work to be done you will be losing not only valuable training time but also time for other things outside of the gym.  Ultimately, the worst thing that can happen is you get to the gym with no plan of attack, half-heartedly pick up a few dumbbells and then decide to pack it in…what a waste!  So do yourself a favor and at the very least have an overall mission for your session…Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, HIIT, General Cardio, Boxing etc. and if you really want to be prepared know the specific exercises you will be doing and the reason for your training(Strength, Growth, Endurance, etc.)

2. Disconnect – Having a plan for your training session is important to say the least but even if you have a plan, if you cannot disconnect from your phone while at the gym it’s all for not anyway.  One of the worst things you can do while training is to be constantly looking at your phone, it erodes your focus and kills the momentum of your workout and adds unnecessary time to your stay at the gym.  When you are at the gym focus on the task at hand, there will be time enough for texting, phone calls and social media after you leave.  If you happen to be a person that likes to film your workout for posting later or for review of your technique(myself included) then make sure to dedicate as minimal of time to that process as possible.  Pick your sets to capture, get your filming in and be done with it.

3. Get Down to Business – First and foremost see #’s 1 and 2 if you want to accomplish this.  You have a plan for your session, you put your phone in your bag, now it’s time to funnel all of your energy and focus into your work.  Train with motivation and intention, you are at the gym for a reason, whatever that happens to be, so train with that goal in mind and pursue it with a vengeance.  If you are training with a partner, keep each other focused and push each other to get the most out of your training.  If you train solo then use whatever tactics you need to drive yourself through your entire workout, whether that be visualization, music that keeps you grinding or talking to/hyping yourself up(…be prepared for sideways glances).  The bottom line is this, get in, get it done and get out of dodge!

4. Finish Strong – I preach this to all of my clients and group classes…finish as strong as you begin or better yet stronger.  This is the difference maker, it’s what separates you from the herd, as most people start strong and then physically and mentally fade towards the end of their session.  Physically, no you will not have as much energy at the end of a training session as you do at the beginning, due to your body’s depleted resources, but I’m speaking more from a psychological standpoint.  If you stay dialed in and push yourself even when the end is near and don’t allow yourself to coast across the finish line you will get the results you are after…this is especially important for those training for competitive goals.  Not to mention, when you finish on a high note it provides a sense of achievement and euphoria and you walk out of the gym feeling accomplished and like a boss, which is what keeps you coming back for more!

5. Be Consistent – Consistency applies to the four preceding principles.  If you follow these every time you hit the gym it will eventually just become your normal course of action, part of a routine associated with your training.  The big picture in being consistent is this…Don’t make hitting the gym something you do as if it were a chore, rather, make it a meaningful part of your life.  If you skip your chores you don’t lose sleep over it but if you aren’t able to do something that you enjoy or that is rewarding, you feel like you missed out.  So make your training consistent to the point where it becomes habitual and you can’t do without for all the right reasons. 

There you have it…if you apply these simple principles when it comes to your time at the gym I guarantee you will have better workouts and see better results and that should be the point of being there in the first place!


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